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Welcome to Quilted Lovelies
Custom Made Quilts & Other "Lovelies"
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Quilt Restoration & Repair at Quilted Lovelies
Quilted Lovelies offers a variety of exclusive, handmade, custom quilted items for your home: Lap Quilts, Baby Quilts,
Photograph Quilts, Table Runners, and Hand Embroidered Quilt Labels.

My custom quilts and table runners are handcrafted using either Quilted Lovelies' fabric or your material: new from the
fabric store, a stash Grandma left you, fabric squares, a favorite old blanket, even clothes and ties. Fabric rules at
Quilted Lovelies! I love material and endeavor to showcase it in each product. Quilt stitching is kept simple so that the
fabric used in all items is the star. All quilts and table runners are machine quilted for durability and strength, and stress
points are triple sewn. Click on any button or picture for complete information. I'm glad you're here!

Lap Quilts
Photograph Quilts
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