Quilt Restoration & Repair

Some quilts need a "face lift" as they get older to help them keep going strong for many years. Others need immediate repair because of the age-old excuse, "My dog ate it." (True story.) Whatever your quilt needs can be found at Quilted Lovelies. Contact me for a quote. Below are a few of the quilts I have rescued. 

Grandmother's Flower Garden

flower-garden-completed-3a.jpg My grandmother made this quilt for my aunt before I was born. It was time for a little face lift because some of the flowers were coming apart. My grandmother was a master quilter, so no pressure or anything. Twelve of the 72 flowers needed to be replaced.

1940s Kansas Sunflower Quilt

 I used a 20s reproduction fabric and hand appliqued the new petals over the damaged ones.

becky-1a1.jpg becky-1d1.jpg 


Another Grandmother's Flower Garden

 Norman, the Labrador Retriever, took a big bite out of this beautifully vintage Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt.


flower-garden-before-1.jpg flwr-grdn-fixed-1.jpg