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Sunbonnet Sue Quilt
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This quilt was made by my mom and one of her sisters at least 50 years ago. When asked the exact date, my mom said, “A hundred years ago.” My aunt’s memory was a little better.
Her reply was, “After you were born.” Poor Sue had around 4’ of binding at the top that had come loose. Additionally, all the quilt stitching at the top had come out. I repaired the
binding and the quilting, and gave Sue a nice long soak. Now she's ready for another "hundred" years.  
Po' Sue
All Better Sue
Before repairs
Repair work completed
Sunbonnet Sue Quilt c. 1963
All the Sues together
1907 Signature Redwork Quilt
The redwork quilt was a 2008 highlight for me because it was an opportunity to turn a 101 year old redwork coverlet into a quilt. The coverlet had been in storage for many years, and the owner
wanted to display it as deserving of a cherished family heirloom. It had been in her family since its creation, a wedding present from many friends and family members. Each contributor embroidered
a muslin square with a picture (usually domestically oriented), the date, the needlewoman’s name, and the town where she resided. Later, a ruffle was added to turn the coverlet into a
bedspread. The coverlet’s third incarnation would be as a quilted wall hanging.

A lot of the fabric was disintegrating at the needle holes, plus some embroidery had come apart. It was so cool to figure out how the decorative stitches were sewn in order to duplicate them.
Cooler still to know that I was the first person in a hundred years to sew on that fabric, and follow another woman’s needlework from a century ago.
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1907 Redwork Signature Quilt
Reindeer Before
Reindeer After
1907 Redwork Signature Quilt
Bedspread before
Herringbone stitches between
squares coming unraveled.
Herringbone stitch repaired
Wall hanging after. Repairs made, batting, back and quilt stitching
added. A hanging sleeve was also attached to the back.
A Temperance Drink
Eggs In A Basket
Kate Greenaway, Feedking The Birds
Glass Of Lemonade
Bottom Of My Soul
A lot of redwork
mirrored their times. This
one says, "A
Temperance drink" at
the bottom.
Kate Greenaway's pictures
were a popular redwork
subject. She was a children's
book author and illustrator.
Puns were popular too.
The joke reads, "I wish
you joy from the
bottom of my soul" Get
it? It's in the sole of a
shoe! Ah, that Katie.
What a riot.
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