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This pretty 12 patch butterfly quilt was showing its age terribly. There were holes in places that were from wear, plus rips and open seams. The biggest problem though was that
the batting had separated, forming lumps and flat patches. The entire quilt had to come apart, the batting replaced and the quilt restitched by hand. In some places, the fabric
had worn away so much that it couldn't be sewn together and had to be patched.  
1940s Butterfly Quilt
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Butterfly Quilt Restoration
Butterfly Quilt Restoration
Butterfly Quilt Restoration
The paisley
print used in
the butterfly
on top, left,
was worn to
tatters, so it
had to be
replaced. I
used a 30s
repro fabric.
Butterfly Quilt Before
Butterfly Quilt Restoration
Butterfly Quilt Restoration
The gray print used in
opposite wings of the
butterfly, left, was fraying
away at the seams, and
embroidery around the
body was gone. I
covered the worn out
wings with a solid which
complemented the gray,
but was sheer enough to
allow the print to show
through a little. The
embroidery was also
Butterfly Quilt Restoration
The seam between the
block and the sashing,
left, had been previously
repaired, but not well. The
seam was taken out and
re-sewn straighter, right.
Butterfly Quilt Restoration
Butterfly Quilt Restoration
The new and
improved Butterfly
Quilt after being
cleaned, receiving
new batting and
being re-quilted.
Norman's Handiwork
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Norman, the chocolate lab, developed a taste for vintage quilts.
Bowtie Quilt Repair
This is a bow tie quilt that Norman also found irresistible. I didn't have a stripe that
looked good with the original fabric, so the client decided that contrast was the
order of the day and chose a polka dot. The back had to be replaced too.
Bowtie Quilt Repair
Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt Repair
Destroyin’ Norman,
the Labrador Retriever
is one lucky dog.
When his owner
brought me the
product of his labor, I
wasn’t sure I could
put Humpty Dumpty
together again. The
Grandmother’s Flower
Garden quilt was over
70 years old and
fragile. Now a dog
had taken a big bite
out of it. How is one
supposed to age
gracefully with a
chunk missing?
Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt Repair
One of the half flowers at the border
needed replacing. Here it is in its new
Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt Repair
The batting, back and binding for the section also had to
be replaced. Then the new section had to be hand quilted,
matching the stitches of the original quilter.
Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt Restoration
All done! The quilt was
made without
templates, and the
measurements were not
precise. The repaired
border section was 2" on
one end, and 2 3/4" on
the other. None of the
hexagons were the
same size either, which
made for lots of rollicking
Bowtie Quilt Repair
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