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Table Runners
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Custom Made Hand Embroidered Quilt Labels
Quilt Restoration & Repair at Quilted Lovelies
Table Runners & Other Lovelies Gallery, page 3. See Quilt Labels. See Baby & Lap Quilts  See Photograph Quilts

Table Runners:
Custom Made Diamond Inset Quilted Halloween Table Runner
Custom Made Diamond Inset Quilted Patriotic Table Runner
Custom Made Family Reunion Quilted Table Runner
Chicken Table Runner
with embroidered center
Custom Halloween
and 4th of July table
Peaks & Valleys Table Runner Made With Old Prom Dresses
Thes table runners were made with old prom dresses as a
wedding gift to the daughter who wore the dresses as a
teenager. See matching pin cushion, placemat, coasters
and napkins below.
Custom Made Quilted Coasters Made From Skirts
Custom Made Napkins Made From Skirts
The coasters and napkins were
made from the same material as
the table runners above.
Custom Made Diamond Inset Table Runner Made From Skirts
Custom Made Napkins Made From Skirts
Custom Made Napkins with Pockets From Skirt
These napkins have the
pockets from a skirt and
hold silverware.
Other Lovelies
Custom Made Quilted Table Runner made with ties and pants
One of 6 table runners made from ties, wool pants and corduroy pants.
Table runner made for
high school graduation
party. Letters are
Blue Rose Custom Made Quilted Placemats
Quilted Placemats
Custom Made Quilted Christmas Placemats
Custom Made Pillow Made From Old Sweatshirt
Pillow made from old
Custom Made Pillow Made From T-Shirt
Pillow made from old t-shirt
Quilted Thanksgiving Hot Pads
Happy Anniversary To One Hot Couple Custom Embroidered Wall Hanging
"Happy Anniversary To One Hot
Couple"Custom Embroidered
Wall Hanging
Custom Made Baby Bib
Baby bib made from
Mom's dress. See the
baby quilt.
set of 10
Custom Made Pillowcase with apple & bee fabric, and a green border
Custom Made Pillowcase with rick rack trim and removable yo-yo flowers
Custom Made Quilted Placemats
Custom Made Pincushion
Pin cushion and place mat
made from the same
material as the table runners
Custom Made, Hand Embroidered Advent Calendar
Advent calendar
duplicated from
customer's calendar
that her grandmother
made 20 years earlier.
She wanted each of
her children to have
one. Made of feltwork
and linen, the
customer's original
advent calendar on
the right.
Dancing Winos hand embroidered dish towels
Mother's Day hoop, hand embroidered on vintage handkerchief
Custom Made Zen Garden Table Runner, 13x45
Purple Hexagonal Table Topper
Custom Made Quilted Wall Hanging
Wall hanging
made from old
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Pillow made from latch hook
Welcome Fall Quilted Wall Hanging
Original Advent Calendar
Autumn wall hanging
Dancing Winos dish towel
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Quilt Restoration
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Custom Made Quilted Table Runner
Signature Hoop Hand Embroidered Custom Made